Of Texts And Letters

Streetsmart Guide For Better Communication

Most of the time, we miscommunicate.

Even if we are already on the same language and we're face to face, we still cannot deliver the message we want to pass on.

Either we did not deliver it correctly or there is a problem on the recieving end.

And then, we also use other platforms in communicating such as texting and chatting on different platforms like cellphones, computers or tablets.

These made communication much more complicated.

I have shared with you my jargons as well as responsible usage of social media.

In this article, I will be sharing my practices to communicate better using the latest technology.

Keyboard Typing

It is my obligation to type the message in full. I don't shorten it. No matter how long the message will be, I still type the words in full.

There is the reason why the keyboard has all the letters of the alphabet there. Use it.

I have a hard time reading and understanding shortened texts. So I don't do to others what I would want them do to me.

Text Language

The Philippines is the "Texting Capital of the World". So its only natural for us to use text language to maximize the 160 character limit of each message.

But sad to say, I don't use text language.

I don't send SMS with incomplete or shortened words. I make sure that the message is clearly understood because I pay for each text I send.

Jejemon And Other Jargons

There are people that created such language like "Jejemon" or "Beki". I know its their means of expressing themselves but one thing I ask from them is to stop using it when somebody is not understanding the words they are blurting out.

I mean, we need to understand each other so use the appropriate language whenever necessary.

Your friends might understand "CnuH P0h KaYho?" or "Waley" but not all of us.

Abbreviations, Acronyms, Etc.

LMFAO, GTFO, STHU, AMF, memes and other slang that we use around the internet are okay as long as you can be understood.

Using these words are just created for chat so don't use them when writing emails.

As for me, I rarely use memes and slang. Maybe just one. LOL!

Its important that we deliver the message clearly to the receiving end. It wouldn't hurt to type or text clearly for the sake of the reader.

Otherwise, we would be like monkeys screaming all over. Let's be human.


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