Iwa Moto


I love anything Japanese!

I recall that I used to watch some Japan infomercials on TV way back and they were so cool. From robots to technology and infrastructure, you name it!

I also liked their patriotism and their love for their country. Its very exceptional!

I was so grateful that they had already vowed not to make war and conquer countries ever again.

So aside from the anime and the horror movies they had shared with us, I wanted to share my likeness to Japan by giving you another 9MM Girl...

Iwa Moto

Iwa Moto is one of the Philippine's sexy actress and model. Her late father was Japanese while her mother is Filipina. She finished as the third runner up in Starstruck season 3.

Her career boosted up when she was featured in different men's magazines as well as acting in several drama shows in GMA 7.

I find her gutsy attitude very seductive. Iwa will fight for anything if provoked.

Her slim but inviting figure gives men, like me, asking for more. Her pretty face resemble those I watched from anime cartoons.

Its like fantasy made into flesh. So whenever Iwa Moto gyrates and dances, I always make sure my eyes are glued to the TV. A certified hot girl of 9MM Blog-zine.


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