Five Years

New Role, Same Company

I have been with my current company for the last five years. And I have been enjoying my stay here.

Although there are some ups and downs, this company never fails to impress me on my financials and job satisfactions.

If you have been following my articles, I already shared that I got promoted and transferred to another project. It started a few weeks ago and I'll tell you a few stories about the transition.

The Transfer

It was smooth. We got into a lot of training and I learned a lot from it. Even though my credentials got a bit late, still they managed to resolve it.

I was able to meet new and exciting people whom I will work with for the next years or so.

My team and leads are all kind and generous to accommodate us.

It was a good decision for me.

The Hangups

I guess there is really no perfect job. I mean there will always be something that will make my days bad.

Pesky colleagues, misinformation and power trippers are some of the usual things that gets to me. But I need to cooperate with them in order to achieve our goals.

I also lost my privilege to write articles to be posted here because of the strict data security. I can no longer write and research on some articles I usually do with my previous project.

The Vision

I am looking forward to work with this project for the next few years. Its been a great learning experience to meet new people and new things.

I would also want to see myself promoted again within a year to increase my level and income.

And learn all the ins and outs of the account to contribute to the demands of the client.

I am required to stay here with my company for another 5 years. I would gladly stay since I'm enjoying and I'm happy with the company.


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