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Being A Streetsmart Partner

I have been in relationships several times. The longest that I have was nine years before I got married. She is now my wife, Shane.

I also had a few short term relationships before but I don't regret those times with them. Those were wonderful experiences in my life.

To continue the series of the guide I started, I'm gonna share how to be at least a good partner. I'll list down a few of my streetsmart practices.

In A Relationship

When you're in a relationship, you should understand the word commitment.

You have to be committed to work the best for the relationship you both created. You should know the adjustments you both need to make it work.

When I was still in a relationship, I see to it that I have time for my girlfriend. We bond together at least once a week. We watch movie together, stroll the mall or walk in a park are the common things we do before.

A phone call, a text message or a simple note to let her know that I always think of her.

Give each other's the space they need. Let your partner join his or her friends or family without you. Remember, they have their life even without you.

Always be there for your partner in times of crisis. This will make the relationship stronger.

In this phase, just appreciate each other's company. There are still more things you'll discover from your partner as you go along with the relationship.

Married Or Live-In Life

When you decide to settle down or live in with your partner, most likely she is the one you decided to live with the rest of your life.

Then again, its not always a happy ending. Chances are, you're gonna be meeting and living with the truth. The truth that you'll be sharing your life with another person.

But its not all downhill from here. We all need to do something to make the relationship last.

The same actions applies as you were when you were still steady. Make him/her feel how important he/she is to you.

Have dinner. Watch a movie. Exchange text or emails. Whatever it is, you need not stop surprising and committing yourself to the other party.

We're gonna lose that sweetness and passion with each other as time goes by. But it is our goal to keep our promises. That we're gonna share this life together.

Be honest with each other, communicate and understanding are the key to a lasting relationship.

There is no perfect relationship and a perfect partner. But working together creates good memories.

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