9MM Blog-zine's Anniversary

Happy three years!!!

Its been already three years since I have put up this blog. So far, its been a great journey. I get to meet new friends online and learn different things as I share my life and interests to the internet world.

Again, a zillion thanks to all that visited, read, commented, followed, liked, tweeted, shared, back-linked, cross-linked, copied, plagiarized, spammed and infected this blog. You know who you are.

This article is to summarize the whole third year of this blog and its goal for the fourth year on wards.

Third Year Summary

There were a lot of changes, issues and hangups happened with me and this blog last year. Some of the turning points were:

So Far...

On 9MM-Zine's stats page, I have a tremendous improvement from last year.

  • 9MM-zine's all time page views went up to 113,815 from 44,045,
  • It averages from 300 to 450 page views per month,
  • Still, Georgina Wilson holds the all time page views at 8,063 hits,
  • And provides the highest traffic to this blog.
Moving Forward

I need 9MM Blog-zine to improve this year. These are the little changes that will happen here soon...
  • Lots of Streetsmart Guides,
  • Having my own domain name,
  • Some comic strips focusing on a fictional character I created,
  • Changes in the layout,
  • Create new logos and banner designs on the right sidebar,
I hope all will be completed before the end of March so that I can give this blog a new look. It would be exciting to see the work I'm going to do.

Again, thank you so much for all who had supported 9MM-Zine. May you continue to support me and this blog for years to come.


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