Karl Roy

In Memoriam

Before the 90's, Pinoy Rock has been struggling for attention. But even though Filipinos are not yet into listening rock music, there are a lot of bands already playing it.

The likes of The Jerks and others are already paving the way for the bands that would make the 90's memorable.

I just learned that another Pinoy Rock Icon has gone back to his Maker. And this is my tribute to...

Karl Roy
1968 - 2012

Karl Roy was the lead vocalist to bands like Advent Call, P.O.T. and Kapatid. He was also the brother of Kevin, the lead vocals of Razorback. He suffered multiple strokes the past years that would change his outlook in life. Karl's sister, Kathryn posted the devastating news on Facebook, Karl had passed away on March 13.

I knew him as the voice over Advent Call's song "Salamin". I followed the band ever since.

I remembered when I attended my first concert with them as one of the bands playing. I definitely got high and was in the middle of the mosh pit when they played their set. It was an awesome and ecstatic trip!

I continued following Karl even when he joined POT and Kapatid. He still rocks.

I watched this video and was probably the last interviews he made.

Karl Roy is one of the biggest names in Pinoy Rock. And definitely he will surely be missed. He'll be remembered as an artist.

Rest In Peace, brother Karl Roy! Thanks for the music you shared with us. Mabuhay ang Pinoy Rock!!!


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