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Streetsmart Guide In Finding A Job

Most students will be graduating this month.

Some of them might be looking for a job immediately after graduation. And I would think that this is a good time I can share my tips on how to get a job easily.

I already talked about some of my viewpoints about having a job after graduation and this will be another topic I would like to discuss, how to look for a job, streetsmart style.

After Graduation

So you just finished your degree. What now?

Either you want to relax first or you are eager to earn money fast for yourself is really up to you. You are the captain of your ship. Keep your goals in mind and how you want to achieve it.

Creating Your Resume

You want to create an impression to your future employer. So you need to prepare a concise but presentable resume.

When I created mine, I made sure its a one page resume. It includes my personal information as well as my skills that can be confidently shared to my future employer.

I don't include my picture and references as well as other personal information that I don't to disclose as of yet.

Job Hunting

There are many ways to look for a job. I use the internet and newspaper when I was looking for a job. If you're not really choosy when it comes to job preference, you'll be able to find more jobs than those who are.

I usually cut the ads and segregate them according to my priority.

I send my resume through email if necessary and choose at least 3-5 companies to visit for the week. I always start it on a Tuesday.

I also keep my phone open all the time in case they will be calling me. And I check my emails regularly in the afternoon.

The Interview

In this phase, you have to be prepared. Be there ahead of your scheduled time. Wear clothes that would make an impression to your interviewer.

When I was going for an interview, I usually have answers already for those basic interview questions. I researched about the company and the position I'm applying for so that at least I have an edge against the other applicants.

I answer the questions confidently not arrogantly. Just try to impress the interviewer. Do not intimidate.

The other preliminary exams like typing, written tests and others, are like a walk in the park for you. As long as you are a internet savvy like me.

With these suggestions, I'm sure you'll get hired as fast as you can imagine. The important thing is that you start to keep in mind that you need to start at the bottom. The path up is all up to you.



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