Francine Prieto


March 8 is International Women's Day.

Also, the month of March is Fire Prevention Month.

And to celebrate and commemorate both of these special dates, I'm gonna feature hot women all month long.

I appreciate the beauty and the creation of the opposite sex and their contribution to the world. This is my honor to women that inspires us men. So let's get the ball rolling...

Francine Prieto

This Filipina-Norwegian actress / model started out her career as Anna Marie Falcon with That's Entertainment. Her career went up after posing in a popular men's magazine and having done several sexy roles particularly in the Liberated movie series. She also did some TV shows like Etheria and Imortal.

When I first saw Francine in a magazine cover, I was unable to recognize that she was Anna Marie Falcon. A glamorous TV personality way back.

I commend her versatility and flexibility with characters she is playing with her movies and TV shows. She can play any role that is assigned to her and she portrays it very effectively.

I also liked her flawless white tone aside from her towering height, sensuous figure and gorgeous facial features. She signifies the essence of an almost perfect woman. Worthy of the "ma-alindog" tag that this blog gives to its featured women.

In real life, (though I do not know her personally) Francine seems to be a good friend/bad enemy type of person. Judging from her tweets, she can be feisty when provoked.

I like Francine Prieto because of her character in real life. She's down to earth that even she's a celebrity, she still manages to respond to tweets her fans gives her. I'm sure that there would be a lot of things interesting about her.

Of course, I can't set aside her goddess-like beauty and figure. I got smitten and blinded by her glowing white skin when I had her sign my magazine which featured her as the cover girl.

I'm looking forward to have an interview with her.

Francine Prieto. Actress. Model. Woman. And now one of 9MM Girls.


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