Valentine's Day For Couples

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February is the love month most couples are waiting for. Especially around Valentine's Day, where they get to show their affection and love to one another.

Every men are trying to purchase dozens of flowers, chocolates and other gifts to show their love to their other half. Some book trips to the most posh places on earth. And some just spend it like any other day.

I was also one of those men that lined up and scrammed to buy and send flowers to my ex-girlfriend (she's now my wife)every Valentine's Day. But I realized that when I buy her flowers, it just gets wasted after a few days. Nalalanta lang.

So I thought of some other ways that would show my love to her. And for this article, I would gladly share some practical ways on how to show your love to your partner on hearts day. Of course, street-smart style.

Alternative Gifts

Instead of giving flowers, I thought why not give her what she wants and will not waste our money. Like Oreo Cheesecakes, Belgian Bites and others that would satisfy her sweet tooth. Edible gifts are much more practical because we can enjoy them both.

Some other alternative gifts that you can give are books, shirts and socks or anything that you think she needs. Sometimes I even buy her Kikay items just to show her I appreciate her beauty.

Quality Time

This is the best gift (for me) that you can give to your other half. You can watch movies or go to a deluxe restaurant or maybe go on vacation on some fancy beach or hotel. Its really up to you if you have the money to spend.

But on a budget, I usually rent or purchase DVD and we watch it together. This way, we can watch all the movies or TV series we want.

We can also jog together around the neighborhood or we can exercise together at home.

The gist is to spend time together even if the budget is tight.

Personalized Gifts

I write my wife love letters before. Literally.

I can still remember how I write them legibly using a posh stationery and pen. I also use some of my signature dedications "Always and Forever" and my commitment statement to her - "Mahal na mahal kita!". You can still never go wrong with old school ways of wooing women.

But in today's technology, you can send your loved ones, emails with slideshow, videos and text to let your other half how important she is for you.

You can shout out or tweet about your feelings to your beloved using social networking like Facebook and Twitter. You can let her know how proud you are about her and let the whole world know about it.

Or you can also send MMS or simple text messages to greet her on hearts day.

Whatever you prefer, the most important thing is to let your partner how you remembered her on heart's day. Enjoy each other's company and savor the moment together.

How do you spend Valentine's Day? Let me know and leave your comments below.


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