Heart's Day For Singles

Singled Out

Valentine's Day is not only for couples and for lovers.

Its also for people who prefer to stay single. Or still single perhaps.

Whatever preference they had chosen, it does not mean they don't have the right to celebrate heart's day.

I already shared how to celebrate Valentine's day with your partner. In this article, I'll gonna give out tips on how to spend love day even if you don't have a date.

With The Family

When I was still single, I usually spend it with my immediate family. My father cooks the meal and we eat together as a family.

Or you can watch a good DVD movie at home with your family while eating popcorn.

With Friends

When I was still single, we usually drink a few bottles of beer. We talk and have some good laughs together. Those were unforgettable times.

If you aren't the groupie type, you can still ask one of your best friends and have a coffee or dinner.

With Strangers

If you don't have anybody to accompany you on this day or they are busy with their own love lives, why not spend it with orphans or the elderly.

Go to an orphanage or elder houses and make their Valentine's day special.

They don't have much privilege than you have and you might learn something from them.

I haven't tried it though but I want to experience it soon.

V-day is not for people who are in love. Its for everybody.

So even you are single or you prefer singleness, there are so many ways to spend hearts day. Anyway, this special day, like any ordinary day, will soon pass.

But the most important is that your life is not going to waste. Go ahead, enjoy and live your life to the fullest.


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