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Reviewing Third World Super Heroes

Comics, for me, is a great form of art.

Its because it showcases great story telling on a graphical medium. I definitely admire Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Chris Claremont, Neil Gaiman and others because of their creative minds. They brought us heroes like Superman, Gambit and Archangel among others that I look up to until now.

In the Philippines, we only knew about Mars Ravelo's Darna and Captain Barbell. But what we do not know is there are several other Filipino comic heroes out there. I just found this out as I was browsing some books over a bookstore.

This is what I'm going to share with you on this article. My review about a book of new breed of Filipino heroes...

The Filipino Heroes League Book One: Sticks And Stones

Created, written and drawn by Paolo Fabregas. The same man that was shown on a softdrink commercial way back. It was launched last April 2011 at the Komik Convention and available at leading bookstores nationwide. Published by Visprint, the same publisher of Bob Ong books.


This comic book has been in my bucket list for months and I was glad to get a copy of it. I was not disappointed in purchasing this comic book. Just like Elmer, its very Filipino. Who would've thought of super heroes saving lives or catching criminals on a pedicab? That's bloody brilliant!

The drawings, although in black and white, is still great. The characters had their distinct features that would identify each from the others.

The characters are well thought of and devised. My favorite character is Slick. Smooth, yet mysterious.

But the others like comic Kid Kidlat, the honest Invisiboy, the manly Flashlight, the bratty Maker and the beautiful Charmagne had their own identities for other reader's preferences.

The story was told in a concise but good manner. There are some funny segments that made me laugh. Of course, I'll not forget the action-packed pages from beginning to end.


Actually, I don't have anything else to ask from the author and artist of this comic book.

What I think needs improvement is the classification of this book and the rest of its kind. I mean, I had a hard time finding this from a famous bookstore. If it weren't for my determination, I'll never had the chance to read this.

I always get the answer from sales ladies "out of stock." or "its at the Filipiniana section" when I was looking for this particular book. We should prioritize our own books before others. They should display them where it can easily be found.


Filipino comics is slowly emerging up and many had already paved the way for us. This book and its creator is one of them along with Elmer of Gerry Alanguilan.

Book One: Sticks And Stones is a very good read. Worth of the 200 pesos I paid for it.

I'm looking forward for the second book. No news from the author and creator when it will be released but definitely I'll grab a copy of it.

The Filipino Heroes League Book One: Sticks And Stones
Paolo Fabregas
Rating: Very Good!


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