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Commuter's Etiquettes

I always take public transportation whenever I want to go to my destination and back. Usually buses and jeeps.

And as I embark the Public Utility Vehicle and sit comfortably on its forsaken seats, I can't help notice other passengers' attitudes towards these vehicles.

Several of these passengers, tend to abuse and misuse these vehicles like littering, vandalizing and others that made these vehicles dirty and stinky.

Its sad when you see people being irresponsible for everything around them. Its just showing how Filipinos really are.

For this article, I wanna share my practices on how to use these vehicles, responsibly. Street smart style.

Prepare Exact Fares. I make sure I have enough to pay for their service. It helps also to save time waiting for the driver to hand back the change.

Avoid Littering. Every PUV is required by law to have trash cans. Please use it and don't make these vehicles messy. I also just slip small trash in my pocket if I don't see any cans to throw it to.

Avoid Vandalism. Papers, computers and the internet has already been invented. Make the seats vandal free instead of making it a smorgasbord for your lust and horny fantasies.

Snooze Responsibly. I make sure I don't disturb or annoy my co-passengers when I snooze.

Embarking Rules. Although its frustrating if you embark the vehicle far from the unloading zone. When this happens, I just thank GOD for letting me walk a few meters to burn some calories.

Seating Obligation. I did not paid for two (unless I do) so I make sure I share it with other passengers. I also don't have big, swelling balls to spread my legs wide while sitting. "Upong otso lang!"

Courtesy. I usually just let pregnant ladies, old and disabled people take my seat. Other than that, I remain seated.

Whatever we use to ride, each and everyone is responsible. Keep these things in mind with no compromise and I'm sure you'll get the reward one way or another.

Now if only everyone does the same thing as me, would it be a happy experience to commute?

What's your suggestions to make public transportation orderly? Let me know by leaving it in the comment section below.


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