Resolutions And Projects

A Proposal For The New Year

Another year coming in. New hope. New resolutions. New beginning.

I love the first few days of the new year because its like starting all over again. I can create plans or goals for the coming year and hopefully finish it with satisfaction and fulfillment.

This is gonna be another year for me and 9MM-zine and for myself. Hopefully, I end up with flying colors with these plans I have inline. Here. We. Go. (ala UFC)

Save. The only important word for our financial struggles. There should be limited expenses for the three of us. We need to apply strict compliance on this item. We also need to list down expenses to monitor what goes out of our pockets if its enough.

Cielo's money will be saved on a time deposit for her needs in the future.

This year is also a good time to get into my own business or side projects for additional income.

There should be play and not all work. And I plan to do this at least once a year. A Baguio or Palawan trip would be good for the three of us maybe around June or July.

Some other out-of-town will be popping up but will need to consider finances first.

I'll be needing to spend time with my family at least once a week. Watching movies is not really a priority. But sometimes its good to see a new Filipino movie every once a while.

I can watch foreign movies for myself and I can also get some new music over the internet. And if all else fails, there's always "Manong Dibidi" to get me some fresh titles.

I will still be available for some gimiks and social gatherings. Meeting a new person (a co-blogger, celebrity etc.) every month will be a possibility. Also reacquainting with old friends is also an action item.

I will still shoot and make photography as my primary hobby. Even though, I sense that Nikole is gonna retire anytime soon, I need to make improvements with my shots. I'll try to continue my 10 shots per day per subject for advancement.

I'm looking forward to create my own online comics. I'm gonna be having a month long self training (around January) to get my drawing skills back. and hopefully get the comics posted around March or April.

I'm going to change the theme of my blog. If you're following me on Twitter and Facebook, I'm gonna be delving on street-smart guides. Generally, I'll be posting articles about tips and suggestions on how to be street-smart.

I will get my own domain later. Change the page layout and work from there.

As I've said in my last article, I'm in darkness spiritually. And in order for me to get back to the light, I need to do something. One of my plans will be to search for a priest and a church that would satisfy my spiritual thirst.

Aside from that I plan to do an interview with Bro. Jun Banaag. I think he is a good person and I want to know more about him.

I'll be almost five years with my current company and I think I need to move on. But since its still a good source of income and I'm still happy, I think I'm gonna stay with them for another year. Maybe save up for the new business I'm planning. For now, I'll stay.

Talking about starting a business, I'll be needing to research about this year and if God is willing, start it this year.

Self Improvement
I need to live a simple life. I think its the only way my family will resolve our financial woes. I will be delving into it next year.

I preach about some things here and I literally see to it that I practice them . But since I'm only human and still make mistakes in life, I sometimes forget those things. So I need to work on it and see to it I am 99% compliant with my mission.

Long Term Plans
We haven't made at least the first step to renovate my parent's house. But that is the plan. I'm not sure if we can make it happen this year because of several processes needed to accomplish it, but its nice to start it this year.

A car is not a possibility this year.

So, here are my plans and resolutions for 2012. I just hope I can finish and complete them up by the end of the year. Or if the Mayans predicted it correctly, the end of the world.


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