Level Up

My Job Advancement

I have been working in the call center industry for several years and I think I already received more or less a million calls from that span of time.

I've been also working with my current company for some odd years as a Technical Support Representative. And I think its more than enough time to be at the front line of calls. Its time to end my call center career.

I absolutely enjoyed the experience. But I need to move forward...

I mentioned in my Stoned Statements that I have plans to move up the ladder in one way or another. But that manifesto contradicts with my other article. Nonetheless, I have to swallow my pride for my family's future.

The Application Process

I applied for a level up position with a new project within my company. While updating my resume, I realized how long I had been working with the project. Inuugat na ako dito!

After I submitted my application documents through email, I patiently waited.

A series of interviews were conducted and a few weeks later of anticipation, I got my acceptance letter in our email. It even got delayed because of some deliberations that had to be done by my managers.

Eventually, I got the confirmation and the go signal. I was the happiest person that time and thanked GOD for the blessing.

Compensation Exchange

When I received the email, I noticed a minimal increase to my salary. It was very minimal that I hesitated to confirm the offer.

I immediately thought of the future since my income will be slashed off with at least 20 per cent. My GC's will be gone aside from the other bonuses that I get from the project.

Nonetheless, I weighed the advantages and disadvantages about the job. I even asked my wife's and Team Lead's opinion about it. And they said one thing -- take the offer.

I ultimately confirmed turning my back to the other financial bonuses that I receive. I'll just have to take the challenge.

Moving Forward

This will require me a lot of working time, learning and a more stressful life. I mean, the job description is not that pleasant. But it will be truly challenging.

"Ginusto ko ito eh." I have to face this like a real man.

Hopefully, the work environment is going to be fun filled since I heard and read so much nice things about it.

I'm already excited...

I'll give you an update abut it in the next few months. For now, I'll have to maximize what I can earn from the project I'll be leaving.


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