Quitting The Vice

I have been smoking for more than ten years. And honestly, I like the experience of it.

I was able to taste how smoking lessened the stress. I was able to savor the smoke going to my lungs as it soothe down my worries and problems away. Its like a short and quick sex.

A cigarette is also like a true friend to me. Its always there when I needed it. And it hold true for me because it didn't judge me.

But every good relationship comes to its end. I do not intend for our relationship to be a "happily-ever-after" thing anyway.

Smoking Kills

I would see this statement whenever I purchase a pack of cigarette and totally ignoring it. But it really kills.

I always wanted to quit it a few years back but was unable to. Either I'm still addicted to nicotine or I'm afraid on what I will do during idle time.

But now, I'm aggressive to kill my addiction.

If you have read my previous article about the 30 day trial, I'm on my first day of using this...


I already knew about the electronic cigarette even before it was sold here in the Philippines. I even have an advertisement below.

Instead of smoke, you inhale vapor and its actually safe to smoke inside any air conditioned room.

I know that this is not the best solution but it'll help lessen my dependency on nicotine.

Best Solutions

For a month, I'm going to smoke the e-cigarette whenever I feel the urge. This is my last resort if I feel smoking.

There are several methods of quitting but it all boils down to making a habit to end it. I believe that if I had created the habit of smoking, I can undo it.

Here are some things I try whenever I'm gonna feel the urge to smoke:

- Sketch a comic character
- Write an article
- Play with my daughter, Cielo
- Do push ups, lunges, sit ups etc.
- Watch TV or DVD
- Listen to music
- Have a conversation with my wife
- others
In short, delay the urge to smoke until you totally forget about it.

I hope this resolution will bring out the best positive result. I'm also sharing this page for people who wants to quit smoking also.

I will be providing you some updates on Twitter. So follow me there.


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