Better Resolutions

Achieving Completions

Every new year, we hear all kinds of resolutions. I, myself, have my own resolutions too.

I don't know about you but I like to create plans. For me, I can redeem or improve myself over the new year. By creating new plans and intentions, I look through the year more focused and ambitious.

Like myself, I also noticed several of my friends are having a hard time meeting their resolutions. I also fail my resolutions year after year.

I'm sure there are several reasons like finances, time and other circumstances that arises while working out these resolutions. But I know, we can all work it out.

In this article, I would be listing down some of the guidelines I learned from failing to meet my goals in the past years and how to resolve it.

Who knows, this might be helpful to you as well. So let's proceed...

Pacing and Timing

There are 365 days in a year. So there is nothing to complete the resolutions in a hurry. Take your time and pace it as needed and as you like it.

If you had been following my articles and tweets, I have been experiencing a hard time doing my Project 30 Days. Same thing with you, I fail everyday.

But I'm optimistic that I'll be able to complete it soon. I'm just taking my time in strides to enjoy the moment. Try it!

Failing and Learning

Most of us fail in achieving our goals, but I tell you its okay to commit mistakes.

From our mistakes, that's where we learn and commit to our goals. Its like when you are running and you stumbled over, you need to get back up to continue to run to the finish line.

And from that fall, you'll learn not to stumble again with the same hurdle. You'll learn not to tie up your legs to commit another fall. Instead, you'll be making your feet run faster and effective.

And you don't have to be the first one to cross the finish line either. Real winners don't need to be first all the time.

Fail and learn from the mistakes you have done along the process and resolve it to see the results. You'll be surprised at yourself and the things that you are capable of.


Enjoy the moment and experience until resolutions are completed. I will be doing a lot of hard work with these resolutions, so why not relish it?

Its a good feeling that while you are trying to change something, you savor the process of it.

May it be losing weight, running, quitting cigarettes among others, it doesn't matter.

If you enjoy the course of it, then you will be more focused and attentive to the habit you are creating. And you'll soon realize that you already fulfilled and completed your resolutions.

So just go on, create your resolutions and plans for this year. There's no harm in trying to do something good for yourself. Your life is yours to make, So make the best out of it.


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