The Angel X-Man

"I bet I'm the first Angel who had to break into heaven!"
Most of us believe that we are being watched by our guardian angel.

Well, I'm already old enough to still believe in those things but yeah, I still do. I usually ask for guidance and protection from everything evil.

But when we say angels, those are the heavenly things with wings at their back. I'm fond of those creatures and this lead me to liking this comic character...


Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and affiliated with the mutant team known as X-Men. He first appeared as Angel on The Uncanny X-Men #1.

But he was turned to one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse on X-Factor#18. And this is the version I would like the most.

So even though Warren was made as the Angel of Death, with blue skin and metallic wings, he still manages to make good things.

When I first saw and read about the Archangel in X-Men#1, he was already on his blue form. And I already liked the character with those metallic and deadly wings that not only render him flight but also a good weapon that kills.

I was bored of the feathered wings he had before.

But whatever he is on, Archangel or Angel, he is still one of my favorite X-Man. Cunning, fast and deadly.

By the way, Warren is also a woman magnet since he shared romantic relationships with Psylocke and Husk. Aside from being wealthy, he knows the moves in women attraction.

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