Alodia Gosiengfiao

Cosplay Queen

There are times that we want to see our favorite comic or cartoon character come alive. I mean we want to have our fantasies come true. I, myself want my fantasy come true.

I want to see Darth Vader, Gambit, Vampirella and Evil Ernie come alive out of the pages of comic books. Maybe that's the reason why Costume Play (Cosplay) was invented.

And whenever cosplay is mentioned, I only think of one person who is very good at it...

Alodia Gosiengfiao

A mix of Filipino, Chinese and Spanish bloods, Alodia is popularly known as the Cosplay Queen of the Philippines. She started out in 2003 and won her first cosplay award in the same year as Rikku of Final Fantasy X-2.

A graduate of Information Design in Ateneo De Manila University, she is now recognized as one of the top models here and abroad.

Actually, the only thing that impressed me about her cos playing was when I saw her as "The Baroness" of GI Joe. She's much attractive on that costume than the others combined.

Her beauty represents the anime fantasy we have whenever we watch those cartoons with big round eyes and sexy figures. So whenever I look at her pictures, I can't help myself think that I'm staring at a virtual image of a character.

But I know she's more appealing even without those costumes. And I was absolutely and definitely, correct.

Alodia's nearly perfect face and body will make any men, both real and unreal, falling for her.

With the personality and appeal, I'm sure that Alodia will go places. She's already doing TV and print ad commercials and shows so the rest will be laid down in front of her.

I'm just hoping that I can do an interview on her soon.


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