30 Day Trial

A Streetsmart Test

They said that to change something, we need to at least make a habit out of it for three weeks. I agree with them.

I have tested this process several times but I was unconscious about it. Sometimes, I'm unaware that I already created a habit.

This year, I'm going to try some methods to develop something positive for myself and others as well. And I'm gonna use a method I learned with some sites I often visit.

This would also mark a start for my resolutions for 2012.

The 30 Day Trial

I have read this method from self-help sites like Steve Pavlina and Zen Habits. Both had been influential with the articles I had been writing here.

The gist is to engage your mind and body to create a habit for 30 days. Just like a trial for a service or a product. You have a month to test it if the service or a product will satisfy your needs positively.

I had thought of at least three things to try for the first quarter of the year.

Stop Smoking

To start off with this project, I will be quitting smoking for the next 60 days. This will give me a lot of time to create the habit.

Thirty days will be allotted to smoking my e-cigarette. This will gradually stop my addiction to nicotine.

The next thirty days will be allotted to quitting the smoking habit permanently.

I will be able to save money as well as taking care of my health.

Water Only

I already attest the healing powers of water and I failed to see it before. Most likely the reason behind was because the taste is boring.

But I'll be drinking H-2-O from here on. Maybe drink soda or coffee once a month but definitely as much as possible, only water.

Again, this will take care of my health.

Push Ups

In order for me to get my chest beefed up again, I'm going to do push-ups. 10-15 at least everyday gradually increasing it as the need arise.

Anyway, my arms gets it exercise from carrying Cielo. Its like already lifting almost twenty pounds of weight. So I don't need the extra workout for my arms. Yet.

If in the process, I will be failing with my goal, I'll be starting all over again from Day 1. It will be prolonging the goal. According to the authors, its ok to fail. Just don't stop trying again and again.

With this, it will definitely benefit my health. Especially that I'm a father already. I don't want my kid (or kids, if you're going to read this years from now) left out because I did not take care of myself.

For now this will be the only things I want to build a habit out of. And hopefully, we'll get it all together.


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