Marithe Calleigh's First

Birthday and Christening

It was a blast!

For the past few days, we were shelling out money and time to prepare for Cielo's birthday and christening. Going back and forth to malls to do last minute preparations.

Still we were unable to complete the things we want for the celebration. One of which was that we were unable to have the tarpaulin banner printed out because of technical reasons.

We finally dozed off at around 12 MN Sunday while Cielo was asleep. She had no idea of what was happening.

Tired, we woke up at around 7 in the morning and hurriedly got ready for the celebration. We left the house a little early than usual.

The Christening

We arrived at the church, and a mass was being held. We were early because the christening ceremony hasn't started. There we met our friends that would be Cielo's sponsors.

Our Lady of Loreto Church inside of the Villamor Air Base was the venue. A newly renovated church with air conditioning inside. Sweet!

The baptism ceremony started. Other parents and sponsors, including us gathered up front to receive the blessings from the priest

The priest (whom I did not recall the name) was soft spoken. Very soft spoken, in a sense that I was almost unable to understand what he was saying.

As expected, the priest had a hard time pronouncing my daughter's name. Nonetheless, Cielo is now a christian.

The Birthday

We went straight to the reception place which was a few steps from the church.

My mother-in-law prepared the food and the venue. It was all nice. Table setup and all.

The guests were accommodated well and there was plenty of food for everyone. I thought the tables were not enough but we were able to resolve it.

I was scampering for drinks after my parents did not bring any sodas with them.

The clowns were good enough to provide entertainment to the guests especially the kids. By this time, Cielo was asleep. Tired I guess.

At around 3 PM, the party officially ended.

Thanks and Gratitude

I want to thank GOD for keeping our daughter safe. It was a close encounter with the airplane crash a day before her christening. May GOD take the souls of those who died in his keep.

We want to thank all those people who celebrated with our daughter's christening and birthday party. You know who you are.

And lastly, special thanks to our family who supported us all along. For without them, this celebration would not be successful.


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