The Immortals

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I'm interested with Greek Mythology ever since I read about them in a book.

I was, and still fascinated with how the Olympian Gods and humans are interacting to each other. I loved the story of the Trojan War, Clash of the Titans and others.

Even though its a myth, it truly inspires readers, like me, about how delegated the Gods are to the human needs.

Just like in this article I'm about to share with you. A movie about heroism, love and lots of action-scenes less likely 300-ish...

The Immortals

Starring Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, Freida Pinto among others and directed by Tarsey Singh. Based on the Greek Mythology about a mortal Theseus (Cavill), chosen by Zeus, to battle Hyperion (Rourke) and his army. Distributed internationally by Relativity Media.

Even the Gods will agree with me never to put any credentials of another movie like 300. I mean, they say its from the producers of 300, and I was so naive to fall for that trap.

Although the screenplay and the story was good, the execution of actions as well as the effects are boring.

The cast were poorly chosen. Hyperion could have been played more effectively by WWE's Kane instead of Rourke. I sometimes can't decipher if Rourke is growling or moaning whenever he says something.

The Gods (Zeus, Athena, Poseidon etc.)poses more devil-like features than they are as Gods. I mean, they don't look like Gods without their costumes.

Cavill, on the other hand, had handled his character just good enough for him not to be thwarted by the Minotaur's club. I was unable to understand what he was shouting about his morale boosting speech because of the Brit accent.

The good points I enjoyed with the movie is that when Phaedra (Pinto) made love with Theseus. I didn't know that Pinto (Latika in the movie Slumdog Millionaire) had such a lovely color tone and body.

Aside from that, I think the other things that got me excited was the last few scenes wherein the Gods battled it out with the Titans. It displayed almost Matrix-like action scenes.

Overall, The Immortals is still a good movie. That's it.

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The Immortals
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