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Whenever the word "gasoline" is mentioned in any form of literary and speeches, chances are people would be thinking negatively. I mean people condemn it for the high prices and how it controls the lives of people.

Who can blame them? I also share the same sentiments with them.

If only the fuel has its own mind and be able to talk, it would probably say -- "Bakit pag nagmahal ako, maraming nagagalit?"

But of course, fuel, in any form, provides life to us people. How?

  • Without fuel, we cannot travel. Aside from that, food will not be delivered to markets.
  • Without fuel, people would be unable to cook and buy food, therefore, die.
  • Without fuel, dead people will be not be delivered to cemeteries thus making the whole world like a big dump of dead people.
  • Without fuel, those people that did not die of starvation, will be dying because of heat stroke since there would be limited to no electricity.
And so on...

Even if the fuel is hated by some human beings on Earth, its still essential to us. Its as essential as food, clothing and shelter.

Looking on the brighter side, it still provides our needs for transportation, electricity and other things that would make human work easier.

Supposedly, fuel is for all humankind, just like all natural resources of the planet. Its not just for a few greedy people and countries. It should be given to anyone for free like air and water.

But I guess, everything has a price these days. And there are too much greedy people existing.

The only thing I ask for the human race is to learn responsibility. Fuel, is still a natural resource and there is a possibility for it to be depleted at some point.

Any usage of natural resources needs responsibility.

But whenever the word "gasoline" or "gasolina" is mentioned, I only think of one person -- Gasul. He is the author of one of the most visited blog over at Singapore and the Philippines. Maybe the whole internet world also, the

And this is my entry for his blogversary contest because I want to win the 1Tb portable hard drive at stake.

Happy 4th Blogversary to!!!


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