Different Types Of Godfathers

Mano Po!

Christmas is just around the corner.

Since almost everybody had received their bonuses and gifts as early as November, they are scampering the malls and other shops to buy the gifts they will give for their loved ones.

On the other hand, my bonus went to my daughter's first birthday celebration expenses. So for this year's holidays, I'm officially broke.

Nonetheless, I still want to give my loved ones and friends some gifts for Christmas. Especially my inaanaks that will hunt me down until next year.

Last year, I shared with you my experiences as a kid during the Christmas season. This year I'd like to share the other good things about the season.

Just like all other men, I am a godfather to several children of my friends.

For today's article, I would be sharing with you the different kinds of godfathers I experienced to have...

The Santa Claus
I only see him during the holidays. He is the kind of godfather that is programmed to shell out some money for your aginaldo.

But I can rarely see him throughout the year. And I really didn't mind that in the past. As long as he gives me my aginaldo every Christmas, that's fine with me.

The Invisible Man
He's the opposite of The Santa Claus. He is the kind of godfather that you can see everyday of the year. But nobody knows why, he vanishes every Christmas.

Maybe he's kuripot or just not into giving out something. But these are the people that are rich in wisdom. Well, maybe some of them.

The Hollow Man
These are the kind that I'll see once in a blue moon. I will be just notified by my parents that he is my godfather when he comes visit our house. An then vanishes like a bubble bursting into thin air.

Although he is "now-you-see-now-you-don't" kind, I still appreciate him for he make up to whatever loss he did to his inaanak.

I have been these three kinds to my inaanak and I'm not ashamed of it.

Every men will be a godfather someday and there will be no excuse for not being one.

But we should be able to learn what a Ninong should be. He should be like a parent to his inaanak.

I don't care what kind of godfather you will be. As long as you know you duties and responsibilities for being one.

How about you? What kind of a ninong or godfather are you?


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