Charee Pineda

Whiteness All Over

Men have this statement about light-skinned women -- "Maputi lang kaya maganda."

And sometimes I do agree with that statement. But men cannot resist the power of white.

Actually, I prefer naturally tanned women over the white ones. Their beauty is more defined than those with fairer complexion like Jocelyn Oxlade.

This woman I'm gonna feature is absolutely an exception to my preference. I have featured several girls that have glowing flush like Anne Curtis and Christine Reyes. And none of them got close to her essentially white tone.

As one of the TV commercials say... she definitely has all natural whiteness from head to toe. "Laba sa Tide!"

Charee Pineda

Started out as a print ad and commercial model, Charee Pineda entered show business and did several supporting roles with both GMA7 and ABS-CBN. She also won the Best Actress on the movie Alon in the 2008 Cinema One Originals Fest. Having won the said title, Charee held the record of being the youngest recipient of the award.

When she was still young and starting out her career, I'm already regarding Charee for having an exceptional white and flawless complexion.

Her facial features just goes over my "ma-alindog" meter. Her almost-perfect round eyes are just made adeptly for her. Her lips are very luscious that's hard not to kiss when given the chance.

As she grows up as a fine lady, her sensuality and appeal becomes more and more attracting to men. So I'm not gonna be surprised when one day she'll be the sexiest women in a men's magazine.

For her talent, she's being recognized now. When I was watching her in "Katorse", she's doing quite a good job. She amazed me even more when she got the lead female role for "Angelito - Batang Ama" opposite JM De Guzman.

My likeness to Charee Pineda is like adoring a goddess. Its like she had just fallen from the heavens and made men adore her, including me. Add her good acting skills and she'll be one of the sought up actresses in show business.

Now I can prove that whiteness is next to alindog-ness!


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