2011 Year End Report

A Year In Review And Ratings

Another year have passed and another year coming in. The days have been pretty fast for me although I wish it had been. As I write this article, I had the feeling that 2011 just past right by me with my eyes wide open.

2011 for me was just a blunt year. I mean nothing new happened. Even though I was excited to get into work last year and make it productive, I think I blew it off.

Well, in this article, I'm gonna share with you what happened with my 2011.

Finances 75% (Last Year - 80%)
Its been an up and down for us on this category. Although we were able to sustain our needs because of living with the in-laws, I still consider this a fail. We were still unable to save up for ourselves and still got up with some more loans. Fail.

Cielo's birthday earned her a good amount of money and gifts. But we're not going to use that. We're going to make a deposit of that for her future needs. Officially, me and my wife are both broke. Pass for Cielo, fail for us.

On the other hand, I was able to save some money and bought my wife a new pair of sandals and shades for her birthday. Pass.

Travel 75% (Last Year - 50%)
Although, there were still a few out of town travels for me this year (Subic and Tanay), we were unable to meet our goal of Baguio or Coron. Anyway, next year will be another chance for it. Pass.

Just before Christmas, I was able to join my new teammates for an overnight in Antipolo. I'll be writing about it later on. Pass.

Entertainment 90% (Last Year - 75%)
I was able to watch just a few movies like Praybeyt Benjamin and The Immortals. I wasn't able to listen to some new music (aside from the songs saved on Chi-Chi). No PC to enjoy games. Fail.

I was able to watch The Walking Dead Season 1 and looking forward to season 2. But was unable to watch other series because our DVD player got busted. Pass.

Gimiks were adequate for myself. I was able to attend a few parties and gathering of friends that lead to booze events. Pass.

But the most rewarding entertainment was to play and take care of my daughter, Cielo. Its priceless. Pass.

Hobbies 85% (Last Year - 50%)
Although, I haven't given myself a DSLR yet, I was able to somewhat complete my Project 100. Those pictures would be posted on both of my Multiply and Facebook pages once I get a new PC. Pass.

I almost messed up my blog after changing my URL. Good thing I was able to get its traffic again. I'll tell you about how I made it back later on. Pass.

Had to sell Mackie Girl. I still don't have a computer right now and so far I survived using company PC and net cafe to maintain my blog. Though I was able to acquire Padmei, Cheenee and Chi-Chi, they're quite unreliable when it comes to updating my blog. Fail.

Career 80% (Last Year - 80%)
I'm still a Tech Support. But I found another project that will get me out from answering calls and be promoted to the next level. I'll give you an update later. Baka maudlot eh. Pass.

No extra source of income yet. Fail.

Self Improvement 75% (Last Year - 75%)
I wasn't (still) able to quit smoking. I tried purchasing an e-cigarette to just at least lessen it but didn't work. Fail.

I gained a few pounds and lost a few of it also. With no exercise or any physical activities?! How did I do that?! Let's just say, I had quite a season of gluttony and fasting. Add up the change of work schedule and I get the reduced weight. Fail.

Spiritual 50% (Last Year - 80%)
Another year of darkness. But this time, I'm fed up with the hypocrite church we have. I'm still going to be a Christian. I will still apply the values I learned from it on my everyday life. But I'm not sure if I'm going to attend a mass with celebrating priests that I don't have faith with.

I'll go to church every now and then but for now, church for me is anywhere. More on this later on my next articles.

Long Term Plan Update
No house plans yet. But we're considerng having my parent's house renovated through PAG-IBIG next year. Still, a fail.

No purchasing of car yet, no business of my own yet and no personal goals achieved yet. Fail.

Overall 75.7% or 76% (Last Year 73%)
Just barely passing my 2011 annual rating. But yet I slowly improved. I was so big at the start of the year but slowed down towards the end of it. And I'm not sure why.

So the next article will be my resolutions. So stick with me and I promise you a bright and exciting 9MM-zine on 2012.

A blessed New Year to all of you from Stone-Cold Angel and 9MM-zine!!!


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