Why Is It Prohibited?

My Bawal Mag-Shoot Dito Stand

Taking pictures or photography is a hobby that I want and love to do.

And to be good at taking pictures, I need to take plenty of it to get the best results. I also need to go to different places and take lots of pictures to develop my skills.

I always include parks, people and other public places as my subjects when I do photowalks with Nikole.

But just recently, a group called "Bawal Mag-Shoot Dito" stormed the Rizal Park to make a protest against a rule implemented by National Park Development Council (NPDC) restricting photographers to take shots anywhere in the Rizal Park, Intramuros and other nearby areas. Read the full story here.

"Why is it prohibited?" I asked myself. I tried to scour for information about it and I'm glad that I found some interesting facts that would keep me armed when doing photo shoots publicly.

Understanding The Prohibitions

NPDC which governs the Rizal Park only asks for a fee if photographers use the park commercially. Like if you're gonna do photo sessions for a commercial or print ad, do a pre-nuptial and wedding photo shoot or using the park for other activities and marketing purposes.

They don't ask for a fee from photographers just doing their regular photo walks.

This is the opposite on Ayala Triangle Gardens and Fort Santiago. When we did our pre-nuptial shoot at Fort Santiago, I paid a fee to use the facilities of the park.

If you back read my article about my Ayala Triangle Garden experience, its obvious that security guards are not friendly to us, photographers.

So make sure you know if the location of your photo shoot is privately owned or not.

I read an article (cannot find it already) in one of the forums, that photographers just need to ask permission from the administration of these parks.

I'm not sure why the Cultural Center of the Philippines prohibits photographers in taking pictures there. Their reason is very lame if it was only a protection of architectural designs or terrorism.

Retraction of Support

I was about to click the like button of BMSD Fanpage on Facebook but after I read and understand the issue, I pulled my finger and wrote this article.

There's almost nothing in this world is free anymore. Making a living out of photography like having classes and students, would it be only justifiable to ask money or fees to have your students undisturbed and protected, teacher?

Security guards are only there for their jobs. Di nila alam kun ano pinipicturan natin at kung anong meron sa kamera natin. Ginagawa lang nila ang trabaho nila.

Most likely, if I'm going to support BMSD, its gonna be that time that taking pictures in these places are totally prohibited. Until then, sorry.

I guess there is only a misunderstanding on this issue. They need to talk about it first so both parties would be able to agree on this issue.

Think about it?

Again this is only my opinion. If you have something to say, comment or blog about it on your own.


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