Valerie Weigmann

Achtung, Lady!

World War II
Germans, lead by Adolf Hitler, had conquered several European countries. Almost all the countries in the world hated the Germans and the war they insinuated.

Fast Forward
Germans had been defeated in the war. The Fuhrer committed suicide(?). And the world is enjoying a somewhat peaceful condition despite some wars happening in the Middle East.

Germans had long recovered from the war. But in some way, we are still being invaded silently by them in different ways.

Just like our featured 9MM Girl. I know that I have shared some other half Filipina descents like Jocelyn Oxlade. But this girl is uniquely different. This time she is a Filipina-German having the looks and body that would make the blitzkrieg a failure. I, on the other hand, am definitely obliged to be attacked by...

Valerie Weigmann

A former teen housemate of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition, Val hails from Weisbaden, Germany. With a barbie doll-like face and petite body, she can fascinate even the ferocious beast. Currently, she does modelling chores for several brands including Myra White.

I don't see her active in acting but Val is at large in modelling. After being evicted from Bahay ni Kuya, I haven't heard anything from her.

But after seeing her pictures from a local magazine, I learned that she was into modelling. Her looks changed since the eviction but absolutely she became more attractive.

Mature look but appealing.

Most likely, if she had gone more into show business, she'll be one of the hottest and brightest star in the Kapamilya network. But I think Val will do good in modelling. There are some online polls petitioning her to join the Binibining Pilipinas pageant but I'm not sure what happened.

As always, another Filipina to be proud of. I'm sure she's gonna shine in her chosen endeavors. 9MM-Zine will be cheering for her if she decides to be a candidate of the said pageant.


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.

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