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My Clothing Style

I hate to dress up everyday. I mean, I don't really make importance or pay attention to fashion that other people make.

I don't want to iron my clothes and pants unless necessary. And I am a kind of person that puts on "wash n' wear" clothes. This is because I think my time are allotted to other important things.

I think there are just a few times that I had put on a very formal clothing. One occasion was my wedding day. And also when I went to our graduation ball way back in my high school days.

Although I don't really dress up like the other "japorms" people, I see to it that I dress up properly for the occasion.

In this article, I will be sharing my clothing preferences especially the clothes I usually wear.

I don't usually wear a cap or a topper, but when its necessary, I only wear a baseball cap or a newspaper boy cap worn inverted.

But I definitely wear shades when outside and the sun is striking. Just like Doc Albert said...

"There are only three people allowed to wear shades/sunglasses indoors, a blind, a celebrity and an asshole." Unless you have a black-eye, I suggest to wear shades outside.

Body Skins
A tee - shirt is enough for me on a regular day. I usually wear black, white and gray plain shirts. When I'm at the office, I wear polo-shirts (shirts with collar) because its the one required by my company.

I wear three fourths polo or long-sleeved polo folded up to my elbow for more formal dress up. But this rarely happens. Unless I am scheduled for an interview or attending a formal party, You'll just see the ordinary me on tees.

I wear my wedding ring and wristwatch on my left hand and a baller ID on my right. Sometimes I switch the watch and the baller ID for a change.

Lower Part Covers
I usually wear jeans if I'm going to go to somewhere, especially to the office and other places that I think needed to be at least formal. I wear walking shorts if I go to malls and other places.

The only time I wear slacks is when its really needed.

I prefer boxers over briefs. But I wear the latter regularly because I think wearing boxers is exclusively when I want someone to see me almost naked. Like my wife...

Foot Wear
I wear sneakers or flip-flops. Sneakers when I go to work. Chuck Taylor's are my preferred ones. On the other hand, flip-flops when going to the mall or any other place.

This is me, not you. So if you think you have other clothing preference than mine, I suggest you blog about it on your own. I don't care if I look stupid wearing these clothes. I'm not ashamed of it.


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