Reasons Why I Still Go To Work

Office Fantasies

I am going to be honest with you.

I am beginning to be unhappy with my job. Its beginning to make me stressed and burned out.

As you all know, I work as a Technical Support Representative in one of the major IT companies in the world. Its a stressful job.

But still I can't call quits on my job because of the primary needs of my family. I need the finances that my current job is providing me.

I tried to apply for other positions for a change but I was not accepted. Though I still try.

So I need to find other reasons to drag myself to work and at least get myself excited to work again. One of them, is of course, women.

In this article, I'm gonna be sharing with you my office crushes. Also I'm gonna be hiding their real identities through some code names I made for their protection.

The Bomb
Having just a nice, fair skin, highlighted hair and having both bumpers loaded, she is (for me) one of my fantasies. She's not that attractive but there is something in her that's really appealing to me. And whenever I see her, I can't help but set my eyes on her.

The Bloody Mary
I'm not really into attractive women but this one's definitely an exception. She has good looks, nice body and a sweet smile that would melt me literally. She also have this sweet voice that would tame an angry bird-- er... beast I mean.

The Icon
Round-eyed in her twenties. Very young and fresh. But after a few months of stalking, I noticed there's a growing bump in her belly. Na-ano lang?! Anyway, after giving birth, she looked fabulously fresh again. No signs of being a mother. Hotter than before.

The Raw-Boned
I'm not really turned on with petite girls but I'll have an exemption with her. She's having this natural scent that I can't resist. Just attractive enough to be one of my crushes in the office.

The Big-Boned Ones
Of course, the chubbies can't escape my prying eyes. Although not being given the right figure, it seems they still possess the aura and appeal for me. Especially the long straight haired and fashionably well styled like the two ladies I'm stalking. At least they have the meat to grip on tight.

The Short Tops
I'm also not attracted with ladies with short hair. But there is no other hairstyle that would fit this girl's head. Although having boyish hairstyle, it doesn't make her less attractive. Especially when she flaunt her body with those tight shirts and jeans.

There you have it. My reasons to tell myself "go to work!" each time I wake up. At least I'm getting inspiration.

Get inspired. Look but don't touch is my rule. Maybe I could add this to my personal tenets.


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