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Things That Scared The Hell Out Of Me

There are things that go bump and make the hair at the back of your head rise.

Seeing a figure in white? Black images that resembles a human or gnome? Or simply experienced cold wind blowing at your back?

I'm pretty much sure you all have experienced being scared or at least seen unexplained things that gave you goosebumps. I am not spared by these situations.

For my Halloween article, I'm gonna be listing some of the things that scared me.

The Exorcist Movie

When I first saw The Exorcist (that was way back when I was a kid) on betamax, I was totally scared of seeing Linda Blair being possessed by the devil. There were scenes that I can't look on the screen when Linda's possessed look gets focused.

I would also imagine or dream about the movie in my sleep so I have to keep close to my parents for a few nights after watching the movie. It was really a scary movie when I was a kid.

I still get the frightening images in my memory even though I already outgrew the scare. I got myself the director's cut of The Exorcist on DVD so that I can scare myself every now and then.

Lovingly Yours, Helen The Movie (Akin Ang Walang Diyos Segment)

Its a mimic of The Exorcist but this time its local. The late Julie Vega portrayed the lead and demon-possessed role. She did the role perfectly and scared me when I saw the movie the first time on TV. My wife won't dare to see this movie because she got traumatized just seeing a few scenes of it.

Its also terrifying since the movie was set locally making it realistic to the audience. Julie Vega looked scarier while dangling up at their kubo's ceiling and laughing...

"Ikikikikik!" She laughed with bubbling mouth, scary red eyes and near demon look.

I won't forget this segment for it gave me sleepless nights alone. I would ask my mother to tuck me to sleep for several nights after watching this movie.

I ought to have a DVD copy of this movie. Or at least this segment only so that I can scare myself. Again.

Satanista Scare

An urban legend about adult males abducting kids and offering their heart to Satan. Ha! This was a real scare for me.

News spread out about these group of men who are followers of the devil. According to stories, they were taking kids out from their sleep and kidnap them. If they get a girl, they rape them, get their hearts and leave the body at some grass fields who knows where.

I was hugging my pillow tightly against my chest every night until the scare faded away. I'm not sure why I'm so scared that time but I guess I was scared of Satan before.

I haven't experienced being haunted by ghosts or any creatures created by the imaginative mind. Yet. I don't want to experience them because I know I'll be scared to death by it.

There are different kinds of spirits lurking and living among us. The dwendes, black shadows, white ladies and other spirits that I don't know exist. But I learned to respect them to gain their respect.

But there is nothing that can scare me than the thought of unable to provide for my family.

"Wag matakot sa patay o sa multo... sa buhay na tao ka matakot!"
What are your scary moments in your life? Share it in the comments section below.


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