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Cielo's First Photoshoot

Me and my wife were looking for a good studio that would service Cielo's first photoshoot.

We were already considering some studios but it seems some of them offer very expensive packages. Especially that its her and our first time, we need to look for value for our money.

Aside from that, her christening and first birthday is fast approaching so we need to save extra money to make this happen.

So we scanned SM Mall Of Asia to look for a studio that offers one and luckily we found a studio that fits our needs.

The Picture Company

Creating beautiful portraits through fun and play is their mission. Located in several branches in the Metro offering shoots for babies, pets and mothers among others. Our session was photographed and done by Marla and G from their SM Mall of Asia branch.

When we got there and started the shoot, Cielo was very uncooperative. She doesn't like the clothes we were putting on her and she doesn't smile a lot.

Me, my wife and Marla had difficulty in making Cielo at least smile. We were using toys and making faces and sounds already but everything is not good.

At the last few shots, a nanny entered the studio and Cielo started to laugh. Whew! Napa tumbling na kami lahat lahat pero si Ate isang pacute lang, tawa na agad si Cielo! Anyareh?!?

Anyway, we got the low resolution files and I'm sharing it with you. You can check my Facebook page for the other shots.

To The Picture Company. Thanks a bunch!!!

Service/Product Review Number 1104111201
The Picture Company - SM Mall Of Asia
Rating - Very Good


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