Wooing Women Tactics

How To Get Attention From Women

How do men impress women?

I ask this question because I observed that men have different ways to move in to their targets. Whether its for a serious relationship, a fling or just having a chance of banging her, its a behavior and a series of actions that men cannot avoid.

Even animals engage in series of activities in order to mate and have their genes transferred.

But we're gonna talk about humans here, men in particular. Street smart style.

I already shared with you my views of a real man and enjoying a single life. But on this article, I'll be sharing and writing on how to score "pogi points" to the ladies out there.

Although I'm not an expert or a guru when it comes to making the moves on women but I will list down what I think are the best and effective ways to impress the woman you desire -- er, I mean, like.

This is a no-brainer. You have to look and smell good in order to attract women. Even if you don't have the boy-next door look, if you smell good and at least you groom properly, you can get the edge. 

Get some nice clothes and buy a perfume that would match with your body chemistry and I'm sure you'll get some attention from women.

Of course, don't forget your personal hygiene. You know what they are.

Even if women tells you that they don't like flowers and chocolates, its still the best gift they can have from us men. Although its old school to do this, its effective. I remember giving Winnie The Pooh products like pen, stationery and stuff toys to my ex-girlfriend to her when I was courting her.

It was effective. Now she is my wife.

Be creative and try to know what stuffs she likes and for sure you'll get her attention. It's not necessary to shell out large money for her. Simple things would do.

Gentleman Manners
This one is quite difficult. From my experience, not all women are impressed with gentleman tactics. My suggestion... don't overdo it.

Holding the doors for them, let the girls go first and helping them go down some stairs are nice things to do. You're safe with that.

Don't overdo it by carrying their bags and other things that would let them think that they're disabled. Just do the necessary stuffs and you're okay.

Sense Of Humor
You need to at least know how to crack a joke. Its one important thing women look for a man. Women wants to have a good time and that's the essential thing you need in order to get her attention.

If you don't know how to deliver a joke, at least give her a good time when you're together. So that next time, she'll know how good it is to be with you.

These are the few things I can think of for now. Short but concise ways to at least make women notice you.

But its still your move and actions that will determine your chances with women. As I have said there are different ways. Be mindful and learn to read her mind to know what will sweep off their feet. But remember to respect women.

How do you get a woman's attention or how would you want us, men, impress you? Leave your answers below on the comment section.


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