Steve Jobs

In Memoriam

"Stay hungry. Stay Foolish."

This is gonna be short.

This article is not suppose to be the scheduled article for today. But because another great man had passed away, I need to pay tribute to the man that inspired most of us in the world of technology.

Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs

The co-founder of Apple Inc together with Steve Wozniak, Jobs innovated and changed the trend of technology. With his intellect and great vision, he made the astounding contributions to the world. 

Adopted, betrayed, survived, innovated and lead are the words I used to describe how his life went out. Until he died at age 56 what have been believed due to his pancreatic cancer.

I have known him only as the innovator of Mac computers. With the simplicity of its user interface, the great graphics it gives to the human eye and the spectacular experience it brings to the user is explainable.

But when I have experienced his work with Mackie Girl, it held true to the saying...

"Once you go Mac, you'll never go back."

I once had a Mac. But unfortunately I have to sell it for financial reasons.

Now my goal, is to have another Apple product to enshrine my life with his vision. Thanks Steve Jobs for the great contributions and inspirations you shared with us. You will be deeply remembered.

Rest in peace, Steve!


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