Praybeyt Benjamin

The Unkabogable Movie Review

"Pag bakla salot agad?! Di ba pwedeng malas muna?!"

I'm gonna make this review short.

Well I can't decide if I'm gonna write this review or not. But hell, I don't have something to post here. So here goes...

Me and my wife were able to escape and got the time to spend like... dating again. We haven't done this since the birth of Cielo since she needs our attention more.

I was asking her for us to watch No Other Woman starring Anne Curtis and Christine Reyes but instead we ended up watching this movie...

The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin

Starring the Pambansang Kabayo -- Vice Ganda! Joke! Also starring in this movie are Jimmy Santos, Derek Ramsey and Nikki Valdez among others. Written and directed by Wenn V. Deramas under Star Cinema and Viva Films.

I would say that the movie is quite incomplete. I mean its under Star Cinema and Viva so I expect that there is more laugh moments that would make its audience pee until the end.

But it did not satisfied my laugh-o-meter.

Vice Ganda's efforts as well as its supporting characters made their very best in making this movie better but the end result was quite crude.

Nonetheless, I had some good laughs especially the "barahan" and the simple "hirit" of Vice Ganda's youngest sister. My wife was too busy drooling over Derek Ramsey.

I guess the producers will be able to regain its expenses since kids and mothers are fond of Vice. A nice tactic in sucking up their money.

I'll just watch Gandang Gabi Vice instead of watching this movie again. He'll be funnier there than this movie.


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The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin
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Praybeyt Benjamin Praybeyt Benjamin Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 9:20 AM Rating: 5


  1. hahahah. tama ka....

    so-so lang ang movie na to sa akin. yung tipong pede na.

  2. Parang hindi magaganda lagi ang movies ni Vice Ganda. Before it was Petrang Kabayo. Now this. Sana meron ding siyang projects na tulad nung kay Eugene Domingo.

  3. I didn't like this movie.

    yup. mas nakakatawa siya pag unscripted mga hirit niya.

  4. @khanto - Taaammmaaa!

    @The Gasoline Dude - Medyo mahina scriptwriting ng movies ni Vice kesa kay Uge. Halatang money sucking lang ang goal ng producers.

    @gillboard - Correct!

    Thanks for commenting and visiting!


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