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I use pinoy slang everyday. Or what they call in tagalog, "salitang kanto".

I can never blame the Filipino on inventing words like these. Although they say its unprofessional, but still its fun to utter words like these whenever its necessary.

If you can remember, I listed down some of my favorite movie lines before and when I started to use the native language in writing here. But since I'm trying to apply for AdSense, I created an English blog.

So far, I'm still waiting for an approval. Enough of the segue...

On this post, I would be listing my used, heard and funny pinoy slang I have encountered. I use some of it and others are just fun to hear.

Churva / Churvaness / Eklavu
I always use this whenever I ran out of words. Its like a filler to a word or a sentence that you can't mention because its either confidential or you just don't know the right word for it. Although its a gay lingo, its nice to use it.

Spongklong / Tanga ka 'te?
It means overly stupid. Its like the mother of being a moron. If there is a such a word that would equal the highest form of stupidity, its this word.

Nyek! / Pak!
Whenever I hear a stupid story, this word comes out of my mouth every time. It could vary from "nye!" or "nyek!" whatever the circumstance would be. Either nacornihan ako o na amaze ako sa kwento.

Potek! / Ampotek!
Something's not working? Irritated? Frustrated? Potek! This word evolved from "ampotek!" depending on the situation. From "p*ta" then "potah" and then to censor myself from kids hearing me curse... "potek" was created.

Anyare? / Ansabe?
Its a shortened word equivalent to "what?!" in English. I often use this online whenever I didn't understand what happened or what was said. Or if I got struck by amazement.

Whenever I see something not good or ugly, I utter "ampanget!" An expression I blurt out silently whenever I see disgusting things in front of me.

Bad Trip / What the F*ck!
When something's not going right, that's when you hear me say the word. Even shout it out. Its at least my way of getting rid of bad vibes.

Maybe I forgot the other words I use in a conversation, but I think these are the most used ones. So even if I use this words, it doesn't mean that I am "laking kanto".

They say words are deadly than the sword. So use it wisely and communicate properly so that misunderstanding can be avoided.

How about you, what are the words you use as expression or what words do you use?


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