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Bettermen After 20 Years

"Evenflow, thoughts arrive like butterfly..." - Evenflow from the album Ten

I was planning to write about another subject today. But the problem is -- I can't find any information about them from the internet. Its either incomplete or none at all.

Nonetheless, I need to pay tribute to another great band and write an article about them immediately.

"Since I missed their anniversary last month, why not write and pay tribute to them today?" I asked to myself. (me monologue?!)

So without further ado, another band is gonna be given a deserving page here in my blog. I'm gonna be breaking my streak of paying homage to local bands for this month.

Pearl Jam

Since its formation last 1990 in Seattle, Washington, Pearl Jam has been constant with members Eddie Vedder on vocals, Stone Gossard and Mike McCready on guitars and Jeff Ament on bass. As of this writing, Matt Cameron from Soundgarden handles their drum chores.

One of the most influential bands of the decade, Pearl Jam continues to create and share un-corporate rock music to its audiences worldwide. They let their music speak for themselves.

Since the grunge music was dominating the music scene way back, Pearl Jam was one of my choices on the alternative music together with Soundgarden and Kurt Cobain's Nirvana. I recalled that we always covered "Alive" as one of our national anthems every time we jam with my band.

Aside from the good music they share, I respect and support their movement in not adhering to traditional music industry practices. They even refused making videos of their songs as part of their move against the said practice.

As for my favorites, all of the songs from their first three albums. I also liked "Evolution" and "Last Kiss". In one way or another, it touched a part in my life especially the songs "Jeremy", "Dissident", "Indifference" and "Betterman".

Unfortunately, I was unable to collect all of their albums after the CDs controlled over the cassette tapes. I was also unable to watch them live when they held their concert here in the Philippines.

Although I haven't been able to update myself with their new songs, I still look up to them and salute every music and missions they do. Even after twenty years, they still show no signs of ending their lifelong pursuit of good music and better world.

This page is a salute to the great music Pearl Jam instilled in me. For without them influencing my life, I wouldn't had the best of it.


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