Nancy Castiglione

Sizzling Hot Mom

Have you seen an angel?

Of course, you haven't? I know, right?

But I mean have you seen a woman that resembles an angel? That innocent looking face, perfect smile and voluptuous body that will unleash the devil in you?

I know that I had shared many angel-like women here, but nothing compares to a hot mom that still looks an angel. In this article I'll post another one.

Nancy Castiglione

An Italian - Filipina actress, model and host most notably credited for her role as Muyak in the TV fantasy series Encantadia and Mulawin on GMA7. She also did a stint in the music scene as Nancy Jane, the Philippines answer to Kylie Minogue. Currently, she is a mother to two boys (twins) and a wife to a lucky man named Ignacio Dominguez.

Droolingly cute.

That's how I will describe Nancy's charisma and hotness when I first saw her. She has the right combination of innocent looking face, doe eyes, British accent and the petite figure that I like in a woman.

I was awed when I saw her teasing pictures and images scattered all over the internet. Especially the shoot she made with UNO and FHM magazines. But I like the set of her images from UNO Magazine better. She looks more alluring and sexy in that set.

Now that she is a mother, she still has one of the nicest face in showbiz. A dead ringer for Dawn Zulueta? Maybe.

As her last name is difficult to spell, I know that her personality is quite simple.

Even with twins, she just can't help herself be adored by men. Like me, she's definitely one hot mom and deserving a page here at 9MM-zine.


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.
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