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I have been enjoying in using Twitter recently.

I had opened the account last 2009, but just had a few tweets since then. I got hooked in using it since Chi Chi has the app for it. Even though I use Facebook and Google+, it seems it has its identity of its own.

I enjoyed updates from people I am interested with... especially Filipina celebrities. And also enjoyed sharing what's in my mind.

Twitter puts a smile on my face if one mentions my name. I appreciate it also when someone had retweeted my message.

So when one of my featured people here retweets or responds to one of my articles I shared, I really literally clench my fist and say "yes!".

Today, I'm gonna be sharing with you some screenshots of my recent mentions and retweets from different 9MM Girls I featured here. So far only three of them replied to my tweets.

Iza Calzado - Read my article about her.

Iya Villania - Read my article about her.

Jessica Mendoza - Read my article about her.

Sometimes, I tend to write negative feedback to these people and I apologize for it. I'm just giving out my observations. That's it.

Being mentioned on Twitter is a great accomplishment for me and this blog. I mean, its very hard for famous people like them to take time and read my articles.

Albeit I ask them for a quickie interview, but no one has granted my wish yet.

The Architect said that hope is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness in the movie Matrix Reloaded, I'm not losing hope. Just like Neo.

This will do for now. Who knows? I might be lucky one day.

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