A Movie Tribute

I don't personally want to be a soldier.

If I'm going to be a soldier, I'd want a place in the Air Force. Flying and shooting enemy planes off from the sky are the things I wanted to do.

Its not really easy being a soldier. Especially the Army and the Marines. They fight off enemies with skills and warfare they have trained for. Like in the movie Gran Torino. The lead actor has this grumpiness because of the time he spent in a war.

This is the case similar to our feature movie.

Mistah: Mga Madirigma

Starring mostly the Padilla brothers lead by Robin Padilla and directed by Ricardo ‘Bebong’ Osario. This movie showcases the lives of the soldiers responding to the call of duty in conflicted land between Muslims and Christians.

This movie was shown when Rustom was still having identity crisis. I was moved by this movie because of the topic that they had touched and how soldiers are being neglected.

I have high respects for soldiers especially those in actual combat. They deserve to have more benefits than those in rank.

This movie also used the The Doors music as their soundtrack. It somewhat blend in with the theme of the movie.

Kudos to the Padilla brothers for making a movie with sense. It totally portrayed the lives and hardships of soldiers risking their lives for the safety of the people.

Also, a salute to the real Filipino soldiers on protecting and upholding the law. We are one nation, one country and one people.



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