Jessica Mendoza

Chinita Beauty

I thank GOD for the coming of Chinese in the Philippines. They did not only gave their talents in doing business but shared their genes to our race.

Usually having fair and smooth complexion with distinct china eyes, they had managed to get my attention. Just like our featured 9MM Girl, when I saw her on CGE.TV, I knew that she is one of a kind.

Jessica Mendoza

She was once a courtside reporter for the UAAP, but went on to do disc jockey chores on Magic 89.9 together with Andi-9(which I will feature also soon). A graduate of Ateneo and as of writing, she does the hosting assignments of some programs of a video sharing cable channel, CGE.TV.

The minute I saw her on that cable channel, I was immediately awed by the simple but stunning pretty face. Her cute smile highlights her sweet face. It also mesmerizes me whenever her videos are shown. That's beside her hosting skills that is so good.

Her naive persona gave the "beauty and brains" a different meaning. I have read some of her posts in her blog and I was astounded by her writings. Her boyfriend must've been one lucky dude to have Jessica as her partner.

So, if you, Jessica, are reading this post, would you grant me an interview? I promise I won't be starstruck.


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