43rd TGP Anniversary

Brotherhood Over The Years

I have been a brother for several years now. But only literally. I haven't been a good member of my fraternity for some years.

And to tell you honestly, I don't consider myself being an active and participate to my fraternity also.

Yes I am initiated as a full pledged senior member / brother but I have to tag myself as a "lurker" (a non active member but is still updated with the latest news and trends of the fraternity). I still haven't joined any endeavors of my fraternity.

I apologize to both of my Alma Maters' brothers and sisters for not being a brother to all of you. I confess that I have violated some of our tenets and codes of conduct.

But even if I am not that involved, I see to it that I get updated and support my fraternity's goals and missions. This is gonna be my introduction and disclosure, to you my readers, that I am a Triskelion.

And on our 43rd Anniversary, I dedicate this page to the supreme fraternity of all...

Tau Gamma Phi / Triskelion Grand Fraternity

Founded on October 4, 1968 by four students of the University of the Philippines, Tau Gamma Phi is one of the largest fraternities in the country. We, Triskelions, always lived up to the Three Dynamic Forces, Fortis (Fortitude of Strength), Voluntas (Free Will) and Fraternitas (Brotherhood).

I have been trying to live and inculcate the tenets and codes of conduct of our fraternity to my system for years but I have never been able to perfect it. I guess it holds true with the saying

"Madali ang maging isang Triskelion... mahirap magpaka-Triskelion."

Despite all of the controversies, the imperfections and other negative things thrown at our fraternity, we still stand strong and tall.

I salute and congratulate my brothers and sisters, most especially the FFF (Four Founding Fathers) of Tau Gamma Phi for another year of great brotherhood.

In my own way, I wish that this little page would show the whole world how I am grateful, honored and proud to be a Triskelion.

Happy 43rd Anniversary, Tau Gamma Phi!!! Arriba! Arriba! Arriba Tau Gamma!!!


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