Work Schedule Changes

Back On The Graveyard Shift

I have been working on the early schedule for almost 2 years.

In a call center line of work, the shift that starts at 4 in the morning onwards is what we call "the normal life". And I prefer this work schedule more than anything else.

I have seen the benefits of it to me and to my family like:

  • Early Riser -- I can now wake up early even without an alarm clock.
  • Quality Time -- Me and my family can spend time together and sleep together the whole night.
  • Tasks Done -- I can work on other things (i.e. banking) normally like other people.


Unfortunately, my work schedule got changed back to the graveyard shift starting at 11pm. And I have to endure this for the next few months.

All I can say is -- Bloody hell! (instead of using WTF! Its more Harry Potter-ish.)

Anyway, looking on the brighter side, I thought of things that the work schedule will do me good.

  • Night Differential -- I can earn more money to pay off some tax charges, at least.
  • Less Traffic(?) -- Well, with my schedule, it usually rains and traffic gets worse. So this one will be a question.
  • Tardiness -- I will be having less instances of tardiness because I get to work earlier than expected. Good!
So instead of arguing and blaming others for my schedule changes, I thought that I can make it more exciting.

Watch out for my other stories and updates.


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