Vanessa Hudgens

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I don't upload my personal pictures and share it to anyone over the internet. I know first hand that even if the privacy is already on its extreme maximum settings, its still vulnerable to be stolen.

Just like what happened to our 9MM Girl, she was a victim of cyber theft and exploitation. Her nude pictures were scattered all over the internet even she did not intend to share it. That is how I known her.

Vanessa Hudgens

A part Filipina that made famous by her part in Disney's High School Musical. She also starred in several movies but the most controversial is her scandal involving her nude pictures shared over the internet.

Even if the pictures were not exposed, Vanessa is already growing up to be one fine lady. Her skin tone is very good and her face is very sweet to look at. Her body is showing fine features and very tight.

She was being made as a teen icon and model. Thousands of fans are looking up to her and consider her as their role model.

I just don't agree with her taking pictures of herself with no clothes on. I mean, the pictures will not be exposed if she did not took it in the first place. Can't blame people for not sharing it.

Nonetheless, its also good that it made its way out for us men to view her hotness. I just hope that she'll make up and do good in her next movies. I'm sure she would make one hot lady.

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