Sony Ericsson P990i Review

Uber Late Review

This article is already long due.

I have been using Hermione (my Sony Ericsson P990i) for more than a year now and I haven't been able to share anything about her yet here in my blog.

I have written about my old and previous phones here but not a word for my Sony Ericsson P990i. Maybe I was still waiting for a good time to share it. I also took shots of her and just waiting to post process it..

But before I let go of Hermione, I opt to write something about her and maybe have a few pictures of her. This will also be the start of my Project One Hundred.

Sony Ericsson P990i

I'm a Sony Ericsson phone lover. So in this article, I can't really tell any major issues with the phone. But I would let you know my pros and cons on Hermione.


  • Big Screen -- It let's me view the entire phone with big icons and clear resolutions.
  • Responsive Touch Screen -- Although not your typical touchscreen, its responsive enough to be browsed either by using a stylus or my thumb.
  • Camera -- Very nice resolution when capturing photos and videos.
  • Office Applications -- Has everything I need for taking down notes, reading PDF files, create spreadsheet files, edit word document and even managing calendar events. A great gadget for people on the go.
  • WiFi -- Although not the best in connecting wireless, its still a good mobile internet gadget.
  • Slow response -- I'm not complaining when I got Hermione the first time but as time goes by, it gets worse. Maybe an update with its firmware would improve it.
  • Browsing Structure -- Whenever I browse the internet, it doesn't construct the pages correctly. What a bummer.
  • Incompatible Applications -- I once installed Opera Mini browser but it did not work. The Smart Sim menu doesn't work either.
  • Bulky -- Its not a phone that can easily be tucked away. I did not connected its number key pad because its already bulky.
Parting Words

I wanted to keep Hermione for the purpose of using her as a handy camera or a backup phone. But since my father needs a new phone, I have to give her up to raise the money and purchase a new phone for him.

A good and reliable phone. But I guess everything comes to an end.

Bye Hermione... It was a pleasure and honor to be with you. May your next owner will love and cherish you the same way I did.

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Sony Ericsson P990i
Rating - Very Good!


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Sony Ericsson P990i Review Sony Ericsson P990i Review Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 6:30 PM Rating: 5
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