Body Beautiful Mom
"Actually in real life I'm nice... but sometimes I'm naughty."
-- from Maxim Philippines, April 2007

I like mothers who stays appealing to men's eye like they're still fresh, young and single. It seems that they get more delicious to the eyes and very nice to gawk look at.

They might have developed more fats and celluloid after giving birth. But I think this is the time that moms get a little more hotter and sexier.

Its been months since I have featured a hot mom here. Most of them are done during Mother's Day.

For this article, another hot mom would grace my blog here. One name, one hot mom...


Putting her singing career on hold, Sheree joined the Viva Hot Babes to bring her career to a whole new level. She displayed her hot figure over the pages of famous men's magazines. She also did some acting stints over at GMA 7. She is a mother to a boy and live in partner of singer Gian Magdangal.

First time I saw Sheree was on a cover of FHM Philippines and asked myself who she was.

"She looks familiar..." And then a name came to my mind...
Vivian Velez.

She almost resembles the face and the body of the said 80's hot siren who was also known as "Miss Body Beautiful".

If Gian Magdangal is a real man, he should marry Sheree. Not all men are lucky to have had his child bore by a woman as sexy and sultry as her. As you can see, she doesn't show any signs of being a mother. If you'll be meeting her for the first time, you'll think she's still single.

Hot and gorgeous. My Sheree Amour would definitely be one of the certified hot mom of 9MM-Zine.


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