Second Wedding Anniversary

A Review Of My Married Life

It has already been two years since I got married.

Well not officially and legally but September 26 is suppose to be our wedding day two years ago.

If you have been following my posts, you can read back what happened to my wedding day.

For this article, I'm going to review what's been happening with my marriage and what I have learned for the past two years from my perspective. My wife might have a different point of view so I'll need to reiterate that.

  • Although we have been married only for two years, we have been together for more than 11 years already. We have been through different ups and downs but I learned that as long as you are "one", we somewhat managed and overcome those challenges. And we're pretty much passing this mark.
  • We have our little angel, Cielo that brought us a lot of joy in our lives and changed each of our views in life. We get flying colors on this one.
  • We were forced to live with my in-laws because of our fear that we will be unable to manage our finances and we don't want our daughter to suffer from our irresponsibility. Although its not a good decision but we definitely learned something. I should have stood up and decided for us. Fail!
  • Actually, there's really no difference when my wife and I were still steady and when we got married. Only difference was that our relationship is documented and our daughter is a legal child. That's a good thing. Pass!
  • There are a lot of expectations that needs to be met. Most of the time, I fail with my wife's expectations. To counter my failure-- "This is me. Although not perfect, I'm trying to be perfect just for you." Fail!
  • We really need to manage our finances. For some reason, we're still failing on this aspect. Fail!
  • Even if how lazy I am to go to work, how tired I am and I don't get enough sleep, I need to get up and go to work. Its because there's already somebody depending on me. And the result was I had a few absences from work. Pass!
  • Even though we have issues with each other, we get it resolved as mature people. The shouting is still there but nonetheless resolved. Pass!
These are just a few things I have learned for the past years we have been together. Being married is a great thing.

I'm very happy with my marriage and with my own family. I don't need to elaborate further.

Happy Second Anniversary to my wife, Shane!


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