Project One Hundred

Fighting Boredom

Nikole has been acting up for the past few months. For some odd reasons, she is unable to take pictures anymore and showing up a black screen on the LCD and the viewfinder.

I know that she is old and I don't want to blame her for not performing her tasks. I love her and I don't have the money to replace her yet. I still need her.

So I had her checked up by a technician but all they said was to replace the memory card. I replaced the card and luckily, she is back and ready to take pictures again.

Hence, while she's in her operating mode, I will take the advantage of taking pictures again to learn and master the art.

On this entry, these are the goals I need to achieve for better photography

  • To take better pictures and have fun while doing it.
  • To have every picture shown here will be from my photography. So that I can share my shots to all of you.
  • To come up with a brand new watermark for my pictures for ownership.
And as a newbie on this hobby, I'll also list down some basic tips and techniques I learned from different people, sites and forums. I'm suffering from memory loss so I need to at least have myself remember the things I need to recall for this project.

It might also be useful to others that are starting to appreciate the said hobby. So here goes...

  • Always follow the Rule of Thirds. Its like having a grid on your camera's viewfinder or display to position the subject effectively.
  • Always find a good angle, position and timing. Photography is capturing a moment that is not common to the human eye.
  • Learn the settings of the camera. It doesn't mean that you can take the best shot if you have the most expensive and accurate camera exisiting.
  • If you have shaky hands like me and its hard to stabilize your shot, I have a suggestion for you. Take a deep breath while aiming your shot, hold it as you take it and exhale after taking the shot. Plant your feet firmly to the ground and have elbows stand on something. Works for me.
  • Get closer to the subject. Period.
  • Always turn off the flash.
  • Take lots of pictures as you can. Learning photography is a hit and miss process.
  • Everytime you take a picture, before pressing the shutter button, ask yourself, "How can I make this picture better?". Until it gets a habit.
  • Never crop your pictures! Take three shots in different distance for you not to lose pixels.
  • Fill the frame with the subject.
  • Do Framing. Use doorways, archways and frames to detract unwanted elements from the main subject or composition.
  • Use lines in taking pictures. It gives reference and it moves the picture.
These are my guidelines in taking photos and pictures. I'm a newbie and I don't like to sound like a pro here. If you want to follow the tips I have here, you are free to do so.

I'm hoping to improve my photography skills with this post and I do hope to finish this project by the end of the year. You will see my updates and the other pictures I took on my Multiply account and Facebook.


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.

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