The Jerks

An Alternative Tribute
"Reklamo ng reklamo Ang tatay mong kalbo!"
Having been a self proclaimed rocker and a follower of the OPM rock scene, I have listened to different types of music and bands. Jazz, rock, reggae, metal are among the different genres I listened to. I still listen to them up to the present.

But there is one observation I noticed. Before, when a band made a song, it was alternative music to some. Later on, they get to rise up and become famous. But when they reach the more wider audience, their music becomes mainstream. Most of the time, they become sellout.

One band stands firm not to become sellout. And they deserve a page here on my blog. Here they are...

The Jerks

Having been formed since 1979, Chikoy Pura and the rest of the band had provided alternative and blues music to us. They only have released two albums "The Jerks Live" and "Haligi Ng Maynila". But won an award from 1998 NU Rock Awards for the hit song "Reklamo Ng Reklamo";

I believe in the principles of Chikoy and the rest of The Jerks. They have been not a sellout band. They prefer in playing music rather than make money out of it. They can be the most richest and influential Pinoy band of all time. But they prefer not to.

Money and fame is not important to them. As long as they provide honest to goodness, in-your-face blues rock music to their audience, they're satisfied and happy. It is the purpose of real and true musicians.

I recalled that every musician's goal is to provide good music. They'll do it even for free. But after becoming famous, everything has a price already. Sad truth about the music scene.

The Jerks is the band for me. They provide true alternative music. They deserve to be Natioal Artists for their contribution in the OPM scene. Mabuhay kayo, The Jerks!


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