Huawei Ideos Review

My New Phone, Chi-Chi

It was not my intention to change phones at the present time.

Since we are struggling in controlling our finances and finding ways to meet ends, its not my intention to get a new phone.

But I guess, my Hermoine is already showing some signs of retirement. Her battery drains up faster than a speeding bullet. This is the usual issue of cellphones when they are getting old.

My father renewed his contract (although I'm the one paying the bill) and decided to get a new phone for himself. He chose a phone that he had a hard time operating.

So since I have a phone problem, my father opted to lend the new phone to me.

Huawei Ideos

The Ideos phone is manufactured by Huawei, the same company that brought us the USB internet sticks from different mobilie phone provider. Although from China, its a reliable phone. So far.

Powered by Google Android Froyo OS, its definitely an upgrade from Padmei and Cheenee.


  • Responsive Screen -- Compared to my tablet and netbook, its very responsive with its touch capability.
  • Android -- I'm a fan of Android OS. So I'm excited in using this phone.
  • Free Apps -- Since its running on Android, I have access to thousands of free apps in the market. It also includes Facebook, Twitter and other Google apps which are pre-installed in the handset.
  • Messaging -- Unlike P990i, its has message threading capability to track text conversations.
  • WiFi -- Good wireless connection. I tested over free WiFi hot spots and so far it doesn't fail me.
  • Built In Speaker -- Good enough to play my playlist from Slayer and Metallica.
  • Twitter App -- It doesn't let me sign in. Maybe I need to register it. Resolved as of posting.
  • Earphones -- It comes with a set of earphone which is horrible. Maybe using a third party earphones would improve the quality.
I'm still trying to familiarize myself with Chi-chi (the name I gave to my new phone). Its like we're on "the getting to know" stage.

Unfortunately, my wife couldn't resist in using because of "Angry Birds".

I hope Chi-chi will be a good phone to me for the next years and I will be a good user to her.

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Huawei Ideos
Rating - Very Good


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