9 Traits Of A Real Man

Real Men Read This

"Real men don't have abs and always have skids."

I have been a follower of the humor blog HAY! MEN! for some time now. I enjoy reading and laughing with their posts including pictures, situations and opinions of what a real man for them is.

I enjoy their DTNL, Tangina This and TNL Kodak Moments and I agree with some of their manifestos.

On the serious side, I believe that there are more traits a real man should have aside from having skid marks and beer belly. I already talked about my tenets but this article would somewhat back up my beliefs in life.

So how do we really define a real man?

Is it through actions? Words? Or through his physical appearance and style. In this article, I'll list down how a real man should be through his words, deeds and well style.

Nine in-your-face traits of a real man. Here they are...

  1. Strong - Real men doesn't show signs of weakness and softness. Tough to withstand any challenges and hurdles. Although he sometimes cry, but he makes sure there is a reason for it.
  2. Firm - Makes decisions and lives with it. What he says, he says it with justification. He doesn't need another one to decide for him.
  3. Responsible - He is responsible with any actions and words he impart. He doesn't run away or hide under his mother's skirt when he faces judgment. He also provides.
  4. Word Man - He values his word because if he doesn't , he is a she. Or worse, a fa**ot.
  5. Simple - He keeps life simple as it could be.
  6. Role Model - He strives to be a someone for somebody. He makes sure he leaves a trace of his life in history and memory of somebody.
  7. Not Vain - He doesn't pluck his eyebrows, chisel his body and overdo his clothing. He just make sure that he grooms appropriately. He doesn't over style.
  8. Family Man - He honors and loves his family. He also respect the opposite sex as he he would respect his mother.
  9. Smart - He knows how to deal with almost all problems and issues that faces him. He shares his knowledge to others. And most importantly, he does not brag about it.
These traits are not easy to learn and acquire. I thrive to achieve these in order to be a real man. If only all men of the country would act and become real men, the Philippines might be one of the toughest and model country on this earth.

Here's my last entry for Gillboard's contest.


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